Press profile & Mission

We bring communication by a journalistic perspective and information approachs, strengtened with experiences in several european countries like France, Germany, Spain and Denmark.

Frédéric sees his first role as an advocate for the reader. Sub-editor educated at the Centre de formation et de perfectionnement des journalistes (CFPJ) in Paris, sub-editor layouter, copy writer journalist, he has began as an autodidact. Numerous positions in printed press lead him to cooperate with media in France, in Spain, in Germany and in Denmark. Multimedia project leader with a diploma of L’École Multimédia in Paris, he has written for websites, build websites and interfaces including PDF, Javascript and CSS. Fan of Apple technologies since the beginning of DTP (desktop publishing), he has worked in production with Aldus PageMaker, Quark XPress & Adobe InDesign in WYSIWYG but also with dedicated publishing professional softwares with tagged content. He has designed layouts with paper, scissors and glue… Beyond techniques, Frédéric is interested in harmony between content and form, and for news design (ex-member of Society for News Design), into relations with the readership and also the multicultural challenge of adapting global brand magazines in Europe.

Media knowledge

– Daily newspapers, daily or weekly newsletters, weekly newsmagazine, monthly magazine: various periodicity, various genres, various readerships, various countries.

– Cooperated for the big three magazine publishers in France – first worlwide market position in magazine sector.

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Tools knowledge

– Since the postscript and modern desktop publishing tools debuts, and following, in the core press production, professional milieu.

– Knowledge in production workflows, using several languages, also in hardware.

Market knowledge

– Permanent follow-up over press products in several countries: what’s new, tendencies, markets.

– Watch-out over markets changes in press publishing companies.

Frédéric Lanta, EditingPlus

Wink to the covers from british magazine I-D ©  Photo : Carla Brink Lanta.

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